911 GT3

Carpe secundum.
Some focus on making the most of every day, but we make the most of every second. After all, every moment you spend in the cockpit is precious. Each journey has to mean something. So for the new 911 GT3, we’ve refined everything that makes a genuine sports car: aerodynamics, performance, tuning, driving pleasure and adrenaline. Time flies, and this is your time. Jump in.

Consumption data

911 GT3 *

Verbrauch/ Emissionen WLTP *

Porsche 911 GT3: Standard consumption (l/100km) 13.0-12.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined 294-293 g/km; CO2 emissions from the fuel and / or the power supply: 67.0 g/km; Efficiency category: G

Energy efficiency class: G

Energy efficiency class G

Aerodynamics and design

Aerodynamics and design

We spend 99% of our development time on the last 1%.
Time is precious? For our aerodynamicists, this also applies to every gram. Every gram of downforce. Because more downforce means greater contact pressure and therefore a higher maximum cornering speed, thanks to the increased wheel load and improved static friction. The result? Better, faster corning.

The new aerodynamics concept of the 911 GT3 follows this maxim. And it therefore reinforces once again the principle of ‘form follows function’. Everything must be subordinated to it: wings, diffusers, air intakes. The aim: excellent grip in every driving scenario.



And where do you see yourself in 3.4 seconds?
Time is precious. And in the 911 GT3 every second counts twice as much.
It counts for you. Because every second you sit behind the wheel takes you further – towards the perfect racing experience. It counts for us. Because every second faster we make the car takes us further – towards the perfect sports car.

A naturally aspirated engine, what else? With a full four litres of displacement and six cylinders. In a horizontally opposed layout. In the rear. Just as you would expect from a 911. Six individual throttle valves ensure an even more direct engine responsiveness that is easier to control. With a high-revving concept that scratches the 9,000 mark. And with a maximum torque of 470Nm which has been increased by another 10Nm compared with its predecessor. All this with a purebred sound that will blow you away in every direction.

Interior and infotainment

Interior and infotainment

Everything you love about Porsche. But faster.
At the sporting limit, it is always about being direct. Especially on the race track but also with ergonomics in the cockpit. In this sense, the interior of the new 911 GT3 is leading the way. It reflects on classic 911 virtues and extends them to new technological possibilities. The principle: analogue fascination meets digital integration.

The GT3 sports steering wheel with PDK gearshift paddles in Dark Silver enables short shift throws like in motorsport. The non-slip steering wheel rim in black Race-Tex sits comfortably in the hand, even during sporty driving. All materials are puristic and yet of high quality – in addition to the black Race-Tex, black leather and trim strips in black with inlays in brushed aluminium in Anthracite.




Closer to your dream. Quicker to your destination. The new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.
In motorsport, every second is precious – especially those spent chasing your dream. The new 911 GT3 is ideal for those who dream of adrenaline on the race track – and don't even have to change the sports car for the journey home. For all who want to go that decisive step further, we have developed the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

It is the continuation of our vision to build the most versatile GT race car in the world. Both aspiring talents and experienced professionals enjoy the thoroughbred performance of the 911 GT3 Cup. Of course, there are some similarities with the road-approved 911 GT3: sitting deep in the rear beats the very same heart, the 4.0-litre six cylinder horizontally opposed and naturally aspirated engine with an output of over 500PS. In addition to the production line in Zuffenhausen, the two extreme athletes also share components such as the double wishbone front suspension, which was developed for the race track.

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