Porsche assistance

Porsche Assistance gives you mobility and safety, wherever in Europe you happen to be with your Porsche - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day - and guarantees fast, individual service tailored to your needs and the support you require.

Porsche Assistance includes the following services:

  • Breakdown and accident assistance
  • Towing to the nearest Porsche Partner
  • Replacement vehicle after a breakdown
  • Onwards travel or return home / transport of the repaired car or overnight expenses
  • Re-transport of the non-repaired vehicle
  • Determining the extent of damage abroad
  • Car key service
  • Despatch of replacement parts to other countries
  • Vehicle recovery after driver accident
  • Recovery of underage children
  • Medical repatriation from another country
  • Despatch of medicines to another country

Die Porsche Assistance kann von Service zu Service verlängert werden, sofern die von Porsche vorgeschriebenen Intervalle eingehalten, und die Services beim autorisierten Porsche Partner in der Schweiz, im Fürstentum Liechtenstein, in Büsingen oder Campione durchgeführt werden.

Where no further services are carried out, the insurance cover ends (depending on the type of car) at the latest after 12 or 24 months (period of validity can be seen based on the “next service” entries in the service plan).

The mobility insurance is linked to the car.

The Porsche Assistance mobility guarantee.