Porsche Financial Services

Great security. Good performance, Particularly flexible.
For once, we’re not talking about our cars.

Together with BANK-now AG, Porsche Financial Services offer you the chance to finance your car individually - no matter whether it’s new or used.You can choose from leasing, hire-purchase or a classic credit plan.This means you keep your financial flexibility at all times.

To ensure that no questions remain open, we once again resume the most important information for you here.

Once you have found your car, all you need to do is fill in the finance application.You will receive your financing approval within 24 hours.You do not pay any agreement fees or commissions.Your credit limit depends on your financial circumstances and repayment options.Interest rates and repayment options depend on the finance model chosen.Existing credit deals can be dissolved or combined with others.Interest due on conclusion of Porsche Credit and Porsche Credit S may be deducted from taxable income.If you fall behind on your payments, please just get in touch with us. We will find a solution together.To find out more about individual conditions, please just get in touch with us in person:

Porsche Service Desk
P. O. Box 852
CH - 8810 Horgen
Telephone:+41844 997 911
Fax: 044 334 29 37