“My name speaks for itself”

Felix Fröhlich, Head of Sales at Porsche Center Zug, on his history with Porsche, the challenges of buying a vehicle in a pandemic and why he makes sure to open his garage once a day.

Felix Fröhlich, how would you describe yourself?
My name speaks for itself (laughs). I am unquestionably very dependable, a good team player.

Please give us a brief picture of your career path up to your current position as Head of Sales at Porsche Center Zug.
I have a long history with Porsche. I began in the marketing department of the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart. Following that, when Switzerland AG was founded in 2008, I moved to Switzerland to help set things up. In between, I crossed over to the other side to BMW Switzerland for three years. I then returned to Porsche as regional manager, before starting my own business as owner and managing director of leasingmarkt.ch. I’m now very happy to once again be part of the Porsche family. It was like coming home.

What do you find so fascinating about Porsche?
(thinks for a while). For me, Porsche is still a familial carmaker. It's a large corporation, but it doesn't feel that way. You know the employees, you know the customers. It’s like when you sit down in a 911: it simply feels right. It fits. And when you open the garage in the morning and see your Porsche – whether it's a 911 or a Taycan, it just gives you a good feeling. That feeling is what fascinates me.

You’ve been with us as Head of Sales since January 1, 2021. Is there anything that’s been a pleasant surprise since you started?
I was particularly positively surprised by the pace of my colleagues – always on the go, but always with a smile on their face. There’s a good and positive vibe overall. I like that.

In these times of a pandemic, what do you see as the greatest challenges and opportunities?During the pandemic, digitisation was – and will certainly continue to be – driven forward more strongly and more rapidly. The big challenge for us is that we not only succeed in connecting with our customers in a digital sense but that we can also continue to inspire them here in the showroom. You have to feel, see and smell a Porsche. That is one major challenge that we have to meet. Masks and social distancing make that difficult.

What is important to you in your work together with your sales team?
It is important to me that, despite our different characters with regard to sales, we all ultimately pull together. We’re a team, and that’s the only way that we can achieve our ambitious goals.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with my family – I have two small children aged 7 and 9. Sport is also very important to me, for example skiing or playing tennis.

What really drives you up the wall?
I don't like it at all if somebody is not open and honest. Especially in a team, it’s hugely important to me that you are honest with customers and teammates, and that you own up to your mistakes.

What do you always have with you in the car?
My head – it’s usually bursting with thoughts and ideas!

Either or?
Pizza or pasta?
Electric or petrol? Hybrid
Jogi Löw or Vladimir Petkovic? Jürgen Klopp…
Spring or autumn? Spring
Two weeks without a smartphone or two weeks without chocolate? I would love to spend two weeks in a remote place with no smartphone.
Cloth mask or disposable mask? Cloth
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

“My name speaks for itself”
“My name speaks for itself”