“I can't think of a better place”

Gianluca Tritelli, sales consultant at Porsche Center Zug, on feats of engineering, missing handshakes and how he tops up his adrenaline tank.

Gianluca Tritelli, please describe yourself in one sentence.
I think I'm a good-natured, patient and emphatic all-rounder.

You’re just starting at Porsche Center Zug as a sales consultant – why Porsche and why here?
I’ve had the Porsche bug for quite a while – I was previously active for a long time at Porsche Schweiz AG. I can't think of a better place to be living out my passion for Porsche. Of course, it’s easy to identify with these fantastic products. Why Porsche Center Zug? I consider it to be the Porsche dealer in Switzerland, so there was no question for me.

What do you find so fascinating about Porsche?
The technology behind the products is quite remarkable. I have a technical background, so when I see how Porsche implements performance and road capability, I view it simply as a feat of engineering. And the vehicles are absolutely timeless, the values of the brand are inherent in every Porsche.

The Corona pandemic has now been with us for many months – how is it impacting your day-to-day work?
Of course, the contact with the customers really is different. I think I would be a little warmer as a person, a little closer to customers. But of course you keep your distance out of respect. I miss the handshakes, the pats on the shoulders. You show fewer emotions with a mask, and it’s harder to read the person opposite you. On the other hand, there’s fortunately no denying that our customers are still coming. They enjoy Porsche and still want that special feeling.

You’ve been with us as a sales consultant since January 1, 2021. What has been a pleasant surprise since your start?
What’s positive for me is that I can really make a difference. I can make customers happy and meet their needs, and I greatly appreciate the immediate reaction to what I do. As a sales consultant, you get direct feedback, and I really value that.

What should the customer experience when they enter our Porsche Center for the first time?
The experience of the customer should be positive, which they will go on to tell others about. But everyone is different, of course. Some are awed by the size of our showroom, others enjoy the professional support. And my job is to satisfy the customer in whichever way is important to them.

I heard you have a knack for languages – what can you speak?
German as one native language, Italian as a second, as well as English and French.

What do you do in your free time?
I really enjoy being surrounded by good company, which is somewhat challenging at the moment. Together with my wife, I share a love of good food, good wine and good espresso. To keep my adrenaline topped up, I like to go karting every now and then, or I head off to look for the world’s most beautiful roads.

What really drives you up the wall?
I’m very patient, but I think people with a negative attitude.

What do you always have with you in the car?
A compact Falstaff Guide in the glove compartment. This tells me the best bars and restaurants in the area.

Either or?
Chocolate or vanilla?
Macan or Cayenne? Cayenne
Batman or Spiderman? Batman
Italy or Switzerland? Wildcard please.
Rolex or IWC? Rolex
City or country? Country
Viola Amherd or Karin Keller-Sutter? Viola Amherd

“I can't think of a better place”“I can't think of a better place”
“I can't think of a better place”